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Postgraduate Students


Recent NZILBB Scholarship Students

Andrew MacFarlane

Andrew MacFarlane

Andrew was NZILBB's first doctoral scholarship student - he was supervised by Jen Hay and submitted his PhD in 2014. He is now a continuing staff member at the Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, UK

Maryam Ghaleh

Maryam Ghaleh

Maryam held a joint PhD Scholarship funded by NZILBB and the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation. She was supervised by Megan McAuliffe. Maryam is now located at the Cognitive Recovery Lab, Georgetown University Medical Centre as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Associated Postgraduate Students

Although these students are not funded by NZILBB, they are supervised by at least one NZILBB researcher and their thesis is on a topic which is of interest to NZILBB. Some of these postgraduates are also working at NZILBB as Research Assistants.

PhD Students

Juergen Brandstetter (Hit Lab)

  • Understanding group behaviour in the Interaction between users and robots with a focus on persuasion and linguistic cues.
  • John Templeton Foundation Scholarship
  • Supervised by Christoph Bartneck.

Amy Collings (Education)

  • Early intervention literacy engagement – Literacy intervention for teenage parents and their young children.
  • Supervised by Brigid McNeill

Jan Dao (Linguistics)

  • Non-canonical uses of personal pronouns in modern Chinese and New Zealand English
  • Supervised by Heidi Quinn.

Andy Gibson (Linguistics)

  • Title to be advised.
  • Supervised by Jen Hay.

Matthias Heyne (Linguistics)

  • The Influence of First Language on playing Brass Instruments
  • Supervised by Jen Hay.

Ryan Podlubny (Linguistics)

  • A cross-dialectal exploration of cue weighting in speech perception and production: Contrasting western Canadian English and New Zealand Pākehā English
  • Supervised by Jen Hay.

Caralyn Purvis (Education)

  • Assessment and intervention for students at-risk of difficulty understanding written text.
  • Supervised by Brigid McNeill

Darcy Rose (Linguistics)

  • Effects of morphological predictability on the acoustics of short morphemes
  • Supervised by Beth Hume.

Keyi Sun (Linguistics)

  • Language embodiment and language in body movement: testing temporal metaphor across different language speakers.
  • Supervised by Jen Hay.

Xuan Wang (Linguistics)

  • A sociophonetic account of L-words in Chinese Jin dialect
  • Supervised by Kevin Watson

Leanne Wilson (Education)

  • Creating communities among teachers and Speech Language Therapists: Advancing interprofessional collaboration to improve children’s early literacy outcomes.
  • Supervised by Brigid McNeill

Past PhD Students

Annalise Fletcher (Communication Disorders)

  • Predictors of treatment outcome in dysarthria.
  • Sir Don Beaven Doctoral Scholarship
  • Supervised by Megan McAuliffe
  • Annalise submitted her PhD in 2016 and will be a NZILBB Post-Doctoral Fellow from May 2016.

Asifa Sultana (Communication Disorders)

  • Morphological development of typically and atypically developing Bangla-speaking preschool children.
  • Supervised by Thomas Klee.
  • Asifa submitted her PhD in 2015.

Daniel Buerkle (Linguistics)

  • The acquisition of sentence alternations.
  • Supervised by Heidi Quinn.
  • Daniel submitted his PhD in 2015 and is now a lecturer at the University of Lancashire.

Ksenia Gnevsheva (Linguistics)

  • Variation in Degree of Accentedness in Second Language English Speakers.
  • Supervised by Kevin Watson.
  • Ksenia submitted her PhD in 2016

Sharimila Adaikkalasamy (Communication Disorders)

  • Cross cultural comparison of parent-child interactions and its association with children’s language performance.
  • Sharimilia was supervised by Thomas Klee and submitted her PhD in 2015.

Llyween Cooper (Health Sciences)

  • Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Scholarship
  • Communication choices for non-verbal children with Autism.
  • Supervised by Dean Sutherland.
  • Llyween submitted her PhD in 2014.

Romain Fiasson (Linguistics)

  • Allophonic imitation within and across word positions.
  • Supervised by: Jen Hay
  • Romain submitted his PhD in 2015 and now works as a Research Assistant on the NZILBB MBIE grant.



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