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SST 2014 - The 15th international Conference on Speech Science and Technology was hosted by NZILBB in December 2014.
Speaking Eyebrow: Your face is saying more than you think: Sarah Kollmorgen (Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern) has been visiting NZILBB for six weeks. Sarah has written an article on gesture work which is being undertaken by members of the Bilingualism Theme. Read more
Congratulations to Maryam Ghaleh who is a joint NZILBB and CMRF Scholarship student successfully defended her PhD on 21 January 2015
The Brain and Stuttering NZILBB postdoctoral researcher Dr Catherine Theys and PhD student Annalise Fletcher talk about their research into using brain imaging techniques to investigate the cause of stuttering.
Jeanette King featured on TV One's Breakfast show Can learning a second language help keep Alzheimers at bay?
Waking up with a new accent (Campbell Live) Megan McAuliffe discussing Foreign Accent Syndrome.
Lost for Words Listener article with Stephanie Borrie.
Effective emergency communications highlighted







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