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NZILBB Facilities

NZILBB Researchers have access to an excellent range of research equipment, which is distributed across our associated departments and local partners. In addition to these, NZILBB itself has its own centralised research facilities. These includes some equipment which are not available anywhere else in New Zealand.

Observation Lab
Northern Digital WAVES Machine
GE Ultrasound System
This machine is used to track the movmenets of the tongue. We are the only research group currently in New Zealand using an ultrasound for speech research.
3D Suit
This is an invaluable tool for our movement and gait projects. It is a strap based system which is un-tethered allowing the subject full movement and freedom to roam, whilst coordinates relating to their movements are being captured onto a laptop.
Tobii Eye Tracker X12
This standalone system has an excellent reputation amongst international child language researchers. Near infrared illumination is used to create the reflection patterns on the cornea and pupil of the eye of a user and two image sensors are used to capture images of the eyes and the reflection patterns. The TobiiX120 does not require that the child sit still, or that they wear goggles/glasses, both of which are extremely difficult to achieve with children under 4 years (our main research population).  The children can move about freely, are unrestrained and have unrestricted movement.
Perception Lab

This Lab houses dual boot machines, typically running perception experiments using either e-Prime or Direct-RT.

Sound Booth

The Sound Booth incorporates an Oticon AS608 portable audiometer, an Oticon AC33 Clinical Audiometer and a range of recording devices.


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