How to submit to SST2014

SST2014 is now accepting 4-page Papers for consideration as oral presentations, and 1-page Abstracts as poster presentations.

Both 4-page Papers and 1-page Abstracts will be evaluated double-blind by at least two reviewers.



Authors should submit PDF files through EasyChair.

The SST2014 EasyChair portal is located here:

Please be sure to carefully read the instructions below before submitting your paper or abstract.

Instructions for all submissions

Any given author may only be listed as first author on one abstract or paper.

  • Select the appropriate category ("paper" or "abstract") when submitting.
  • Type in at least three keywords. These keywords should be identical to those included in the text of the paper or abstract.
  • If you are a student and you would like to be considered for a student prize, please indicate your interest by checking the relevant box.

Special Instructions for paper submissions

  • Enter a short (100 word) abstract in the abstract textbox. This short abstract should be identical to the abstract included in the paper.

Special Instructions for abstract submissions

  • Attach your abstract as a PDF under the "Upload Paper" menu.
  • Enter the phrase "see attachment" in the abstract textbox.
  • Do not check the "Abstract Only" box.

ASSTA (Last updated 06.03.14)