SST 2014

SST 2014 Conference Programme

Tuesday 2nd December, University of Canterbury C-Block

Donald Derrick
Ultrasound for speech

Sponsored by GE Healthcare

Chigusa Kurumada and Meredith Brown
Perception and interpretation of speech prosody

T. Florian Jaeger
Regression and mixed effects models


Wednesday 3rd December, Rydges Latimer (Day 1)

  SESSION A - Savoy West SESSION B - Savoy 2

Steve Weaver (University of Canterbury, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research)
Jen Hay (NZILBB Director)


Plenary: Gerry Docherty
Stitching together the story on sociophonetic variation: advances and challenges

10:00-10:25 Morning tea
10:25-10:50 LR-based forensic voice comparison under severe test-data scarcity.
Yuko Kinoshita & Michael Wagner
Phonologisation of vowel duration and nasalised /æ/ in Australian English.
Felicity Cox & Sallyanne Palethorpe
10:50-11:15 Replicate mismatch between test and background/development databases: The effect on the performance of likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison.
Shunichi Ishihara
Why the SQUARE vowel is the most variable in Sydney.
Nhung Nguyen & Jason Shaw
11:15-11:40 Regional variation and the definition of the relevant population in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison using cepstral coefficients.
Vincent Hughes & Paul Foulkes
Identifying /el/-/æl/: A comparison between two regional Australian towns.
Deborah Loakes, John Hajek, Joshua Clothier & Janet Fletcher
11:40-12:05 Comparison between speech parameters for forensic voice comparison using mobile phone speech.
Esam Alzqhol, Balamurali B T Nair & Bernard Guillemin
Comparing acoustic analyses of Australian English vowels from Sydney: Cox (2006) vs AusTalk.
Jaydene Elvin & Paola Escudero
12:05-13:00 Lunch

Plenary: Bastiaan Kleijn
A Simple Model of Speech Communication and its Application to Intelligibility Enhancement


Segmental and prosodic errors in L2 Mandarin speech by Australian English learners.
Wentao Gu, Ting Zhang & Chiharu Tsurutani

Alveo Workshop
Denis Burnham & Steve Cassidy


Does immersion experience reduce /r/-/l/ category overlap for Japanese learners of English?
Michel Tyler, Saya Kawase & Mark Antoniou

Alveo Workshop
Denis Burnham & Steve Cassidy

14:50-15:15 Afternoon tea
15:15-15:40 Tonal alignment of focal pitch accents in two varieties of Indian English.
Olga Maxwell & Janet Fletcher

Effects of short-term exposure to unfamiliar regional accents: Australians' categorization of London and York English consonants.
Jason Shaw, Catherine Best, Karen Mulak, Gerard Docherty, Bronwen Evans, Paul Foulkes & Jen Hay

15:40-16:05 Amplitude and F0 as acoustic correlates of Kelantan Malay word-initial geminates.
Mohd Hilmi Hamzah, Janet Fletcher & John Hajek
Listeners cope with speaker and accent variation differently: Evidence from the Go/No task.
Buddhamas Kriengwatana, Paola Escudero & Josephine Terry
16:05-16:30 Pitch accents and prosodic properties of the clitic in Yukulta (Tangkic).
Cicely Bonnin
Acoustic distance explains speaker versus accent normalization in infancy.
Paola Escudero, Karen Mulak & Samra Alispahic
16:30-18:00 ASSTA General Meeting


Thursday 4 December, Rydges Latimer (Day 2)

  SESSION A - Savoy West SESSION B - Savoy 2

Plenary: Jane Stuart-Smith
Twa son, some soldiers, and a city: An acoustic phonetic investigation of real-time change in Scottish English

9:45-11:00 Morning tea and poster session
11:00-11:25   A spectral analysis of laterals in three central Australian languages.
Marija Tabian, Andy Butcher, Gavan Breen & Richard Beare
11:25-11:50 Comparison of localised and feature-based variants of the mixelgram algorithm to perform audio visual speaker association.
Trent Lewis & Patrick Klaosen
Revisiting the pressure impulse in Australian languages: Bininj Gun-wok.
Hywel Stoakes, Andy Butcher & Janet Fletcher
11:50-12:15 Spectral enhancement of sounds by the stellate microcircuit of the ventral cochlear nucleus.
Timothy Esler & David Grayden
An acoustic study of the five Thai tones produced by ASD and TD children.
Therdpong Thongseiratch, Jariya Chuthapisith & Rungpat Roengpitya
12:15-12:40 Resources created for building New Zealand English voices.
Catherine Watson & Amelie Marchi
Mr White goes to market - running speech and citation tones in a Southern Thai bidialectal.
Phil Rose
12:40-13:30 Lunch

Plenary: Gail Gillon
Phonological awareness development in children with speech sound disorder

14:30-14:55 An electro-palatographic study of consonant sequences in Iwaidja.
Janet Fletcher, Andrew Butcher & Deborah Loakes
Improvements to vowel categorization in non-native regional accents resulting from multiple-versus single-talker training: A computational approach.
Sarah Wright, Jason Shaw, Catherine Best, Gerard Docherty, Bronwen Evans, Paul Foulkes, Jen Hay & Karen Mulak
14:55-15:20 'Advanced Tongue Root' in Lopit: Acoustic and ultrasound evidence.
Rosey Billington
Thai phonetically balanced word recognition test: Test-retest reliability and error analysis.
A. Munthuli, C. Tantibundhit, C. Onsuwan & K. Kosawat
15:20-15:45 Afternoon tea
15:45-16:10 A first attempt at compensating for effects due to recording condition mismatch in formant trajectory based forensic voice comparison.
Ewald Enzinger
Temporal planning in the production of Australian English compounds.
Ivan Yuen, Nan Xu Rattanasone, Gretel McDonald, Rebecca Holt & Katherine Demuth
16:10-16:35 Looking into real world: LR variability under forensically realistic conditions.
Yuko Kinoshita
Time spent talking in retirement.
Nina Fhärm, Frida Wigelius Skoglund & Jan van Doorn


Friday 5 December, Rydges Latimer (Day 3)

  SESSION A - Savoy West SESSION B - Savoy 2

Plenary: T. Florian Jaeger
Speech perception and adaptation as inference under uncertainty

9:45-10:10 Morning tea
10:10-10:35 Automatic detection of speech truncation and speech rate.
Chung Ting Justine Hui, Teh June Chin & Catherine Watson
Rentention of Spanish coda /s/ by speakers of Kashibo-Kakataibo.
Sally Bowman, Roberto Zariquiey-Biondi & Marija Tabain
10:35-11:00 Short utterance PLDA speaker verification using SN-WLDA and variance modelling techniques.
Ahilan Kanagasundaram, David Dean & Sridha Sridharan
Assibilation in Trans-New Guinea languages of the Bird's Head region.
Fanny Cottet

Rescaling clustering trees using impact ratios for robust hierarchical speaker clustering.
Houman Ghaemmaghami, David Dean, Shahram Kalantari & Sridha Sridharan

Iconicity in Korean consonantal symbolism.
Nahyun Kwon
11:25-11:50 Phonetic spoken term search using topic information.
Sharam Kalantari, David Dean & Sridha Sridharan
Some initial findings regarding first language influence on brass playing instruments.
Matthias Heyne & Donald Derrick
11:50-12:40 Lunch
12:40-13:05 Sociophonetic and prosodic influences on judgements of sentence type.
Paul Warren
A restriction of minimal words, or word endings?  
Jason Brown & Forrest Panther
13:05-13:30 Stress-meter alignment in American Hip Hop.
Casey Tait, Marija Tabian & Ingrid Skyes
Orthographic effects on phonetic cue weighting.
Grant McGuire
13:30-13:55 Examining the influence of pitch accents on word learning in German.
Michael Walsh, Katrin Schweitzer, Hinrich Schütze & Dermot Lynott
Frequency in the input affects perception of phonological contrasts for native speakers.
Rikke Louise Bundgaard-Neilsen & Brett Baker
13:55-14:20 Afternoon tea
14:20-14:45 Influence of phonological, morphological, and prosodic factors on phoneme detection by native and second-language adults.
Valeria Peretokina, Michael Tyler and Catherine Best
Consonant inventory of infants aged 0-6 months.
Adele Gregory, Marija Tabain & Michael Robb
14:45-15:10 Perception of Italian and Japanese consonant length by native speakers of Australian English and Italian: A pilot study.
Kimiko Tsukada, Felicity Cox, John Hajek & Yukari Hirata
Investigating the effect of intrusive noise levels on speech perception in an open-plan kindergarten classroom.
Kiri Mealings, Katherine Demuth, Jorg Buchholz & Harvey Dillon
15:10-15:35 Is more always better? The perception of Dutch vowels by English versus Spanish listeners.
Samra Alispahic, Paola Escudero & Karen Mulak

Poster Session - Day 2

The poster session will be held on Thursday 4th December from 9:45am to 11:00am in Savoy East.

Preliminary comparison of New Caledonian & Metropolitan French mid vowels

Eleanor Lewis

Ability to identify unfamiliar speech sounds negatively correlates with second language proficiency

Yurika Hashimoto, Ian Wilson & Younghyon Heo

Why Indo-Aryan languages adapt English alveolars as reʈroflexes: Acoustic evidence from Punjabi

Qandeel Hussain

Recency effects on word-medial /t/ in New Zealand English: initial observations

Lynn Clark & Liam Walsh

I Bag Your Pardon: The Albertan æ/ɛ shift and community grammars

Jacqueline Jones & Stephen Winters

Dipthong trajectories in Māori

Jeanette King, Catherine Watson, Margaret Maclagan, Peter Keegan & Ray Harlow

The voiced emphatic coronal stop[ḍ] in the Ḥaḍrami Arabic: A socio-phonetic study

Hamad Altari

Contour-based analysis of EGG data from words in isolation and connected speech

Stephen Bier, Catherine Watson & Clare McCann

Synthesizing speech using the AusTalk corpus

Zhijie Shao, Richard Leibbrandt & Trent Lewis

Distinguishing dysarthric speech: Vowel acoustics and measurements

Annalise Fletcher, Megan McAuliffe, Kaitlin Lansford & Julie Liss

F0 as a word boundary cue for segmenting New Zealand English ethnolects

Kylie Fitzgerald, Viktoria Papp & Jen Hay

Venezuelan Spanish intransitives: More prosodic than you’d think

Sasha Calhoun, Erwin La Cruz & Ana Olssen

Speech patterns and variability among adult and child speakers of north Australian Kriol

Caroline Jones, Katherine Demuth, Mridula Sharma, Mark Johnson & Gretel Macdonald

Articulatory coordination in Nama click consonants

Michael Proctor, Yinghua Zhu, Adam Lammert, Asterios Toutios, Bonny Sands & Shrikanth Narayanan

The neurophysiological correlates of overt speech productions: Dissociation of the speech production phases and test-retest reliability

Catherine Theys, Maarten De Vos & Megan McAuliffe

Blocking in linguistic associative learning

Darcy Rose, Peter Racz, Jen Hay and Beth Hume

Eye movements reveal Cantonese listeners use statistical information to assess category membership of acoustic cues

Jessie Nixon, Jacolien van Rij, Harald Baayen, Peggy Mok & Yiya Chen

Intergenerational vowel change in several Russian-English speakers

Ben Volchok


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