The New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour (NZILBB) is a multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to the study of human language. The researchers come from a wide range of disciplines, forging connections across linguistics, speech production and perception, language acquisition, language disorders, social cognition, memory, brain imaging, cognitive science, bilingual education, and interface technologies. This highly interdisciplinary team is working together toward a truly unified understanding of how language is acquired, produced and understood in its social and physical contexts.

NZILBB- External grants awarded

NZILBB Research

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NZILBB- External grants awarded


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NZILBB- External grants awarded

15th Australasian International Speech Science and Technology Conference

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NZILBB Seminar Series

Peter Culicover (Ohio State University) and Linguistics Erskine Fellow. Freezing in Simpler Syntax. Tuesday 26 May 2015, 12 noon, Locke 104a

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Doctoral Scholarship with NZILBB available

Three year PhD Scholarship (stipend + fees) is available. Applications close on May 15th 2015. Read more

NIH Grant Success

Associate Professor Megan McAuliffe, along with colleagues Professor Julie Liss and Dr Visar Berisha from Arizona State University, has been awarded approximately $275,000 USD from the National Institutes of Health (US) to conduct a two-year exploratory/developmental research project, “A web-based platform for cross-linguistic research in dysarthric speech”. The project focuses on the development of web-based infrastructure to conduct larger-scale cross-linguistic studies of dysarthric speech. For more details contact Megan McAuliffe.


Maryam Ghaleh who is a joint NZILBB and CMRF Scholarship student successfully defended her PhD on 21 January 2015

Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund success

Congratulations to Catherine Theys (CMDS and NZILBB) for securing funding ($345k for three years) for the project Unravelling the neural mechanisms of speech production: Insights from EEG and fMRI in people who stutter. Press release

Phase Two Funding: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

NZILBB has been awarded further funding from MBIE to continue research and development on the Aerotactile Speech Perception Enhancement project starting October 2014 for two years. Press release

Speaking Eyebrow: Your face is saying more than you think

Sarah Kollmorgen (Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern) has been visiting NZILBB for six weeks. Sarah has written an article on gesture work which is being undertaken by members of the Bilingualism Theme. Read more

NZILBB Annual Reports

Copies (pdf) of the NZILBB Annual Reports are available here

Upcoming Events

Socio Group (Language Variation & Change Theme and the Bilingual Theme group meeting) Thursdays, 12noon in Locke 104a.

Participate in our research

NZILBB needs participants for experiments that we are currently running. All of our experiments have been approved by the UC Human Ethics Committee. Read more

Lotteries Health Research grant

Catherine Theys (NZILBB Post-Doctoral Fellow) has been awarded $25,000 by LHR for an upgrade to the Bio-Semi EEG system.

UC QuakeBox

The UC QuakeBox was established in 2012 after two major earthquakes occurred in September 2010 and February 2011 in the Canterbury region. Our mission is to record stories from Cantabrians about their experiences in the quakes and to store the audio and video files in a large database. Read more

Team Tamariki

Team is a group of families who are willing to be contacted when their child is the right age for research projects that are about to start at the University. Contact us to sign up your child. Read more

News archive

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